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Blog Title: How does a Humidifier work?
How does a Humidifier work? Should I worry about having it?
Category: Hybrid Water Heater Post By: DANA RIOS (Shoals, CA), 03/29/2014

A neglected in-duct humidifier can breed mildew and bacteria, not to mention add too much moisture to a house. A common mistake with humidifiers is leaving them on after the heating season ends. Don't forget to pull the plug, shut the water valve, and drain the unit. A unit with a water reservoir should be drained and cleaned with white vinegar, a mix of one part chlorine bleach to eight parts water, or muriatic acid. Mist-type humidifiers also require regular cleaning to remove mineral deposits.

- CARRIE LAWSON (Harvey, CO), 04/08/2015
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