Air Conditioner Fans Not Working

Every air conditioner has two fans. The first one is located inside the interior unit of the AC and the other one is located in the condenser unit. The former’s job is to blow the hot air that has been taken from the room towards the evaporator coils for cooling. The latter’s job is to release heat from your home that was produced during the cooling cycle. Sometimes these fans start malfunctioning or simply fail to run. This can lead to non-working units. Here are some usual reasons for AC fans not working:

Defect in the Dual Shaft Motor: The dual shaft fan motor has two fan blade sand each one is present in the either side of the motor. The task of one of the pair is to dissipate heat from the condenser. And the job of the other one is to blow the hot air of the room over the evaporator coil. With gradual wear and tear the bearings of this motor loosen or bind over time. This results in networking fans. To know if there is really a problem in the bearing, wiggle the motor shaft. If the shaft is loose or won’t turn at all, then the bearings are worn out. You will need to replace the motor.

If the blades turn freely, check if the power is reaching fan motor. If the power is getting to the motor and it is not running then the motor is defective and should be replaced. Fan motors go through a lot of wear and tear, and they can burn out when they undergo too much stress.

Problem in the Relay Board:The relay board of an air conditioner is the central panel which provides voltage to various components in the AC. This also includes the fan motor. If there is a problem in the relay board it will be unable to supply power to the fan motor and it will not run. You will need a professional to see if the relay board is working property. In case it is not, it requires to be replaced.

Not working Capacitor: The job of capacitors to store up electrical energy for your fans. It supplies it to the fans to run them.A faulty capacitor will stop your fans from spinning. You will need to change your capacity to get your fans back to normalcy.

Problem in Contractor: All ACs have contractors. The contractor is a switch which enables electricity to flow in and out to control the compressor as well as the condenser. If it becomes faulty after years of use it can cause your outside fan to stop spinning. You have to call a technician to change it.

Loose or broken belt: In older units most fans were powered by belts. These belts become loose. They become thin with use and crack. As a result the fan stops spinning. Although you can replace the belt, the worn component is a sign enough that it’s time to shop for a new AC.

Tripped Breaker: ACs have common problem of getting overheated. This results your circuit breaker to trip. If you see a tripped breaker, flip the switch of the breaker back to ON. But if it trips again after some time, the unit needs to be checked by a professional.

Blocked air filter: This is Avery common issue. Often we forget to replace the filters of our AC which should be replaced once every month. As a result the filters get laden with dirt. Although the fan is working, the air that crosses the filter layer is marginal. Thus, inspire of the running fans you do not experience any cooling in the house.

Ice in and around the evaporator coils: If you AC is running in cooling mode then there are chances of ice formation around the evaporator coil and on the refrigerant lines in the indoor unit. If this is the case, the fan would rotate but no air will be able to pass unless the ice melts. If the fan has also stopped spinning, then coils have frozen. Shut off the air conditioning immediately and let it thaw.

Faulty Fan Relay: There are fan relays present in the unit. These boost the fans into spinning. When the contacts inside the relays go bad, the fan stops. You have to replace it, which is not an expensive replacement.

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