Cooling Options For Your Garage In The Event Of A Conversion

Many houses have more than one garage. Many a time they are not occupied by vehicles. In such cases it always makes sense to convert it into a living room. Such conversions are generally seen in situations where a new baby is going to come to a family or an elderly parent is coming to live with them. In these cases an extra room is required. It always makes sense to convert the garage into a living room. Many people do it on their own without any professional help as it is a fun and fun and exciting project and can add a new splash of character to your home. When converting your garage into a living space a major concern is equipping the room with a cooling system. Here are some options to do so:

Extend the existing duct work work to the garage:

If you have central air-conditioning in the house then you can extend the duct work to the garage so that the central air also reaches the garage. However for this the garage and house should be connected. And there should be a duct work close to your garage. It is not possible to undertake this on our own. You have to call an expert who will first check the feasibility and then undertake it.

Use a ductless mini split air conditioner

If it is not possible to connect your garage with the ductwork of the house, you can buy a separate cooling unit for it. A good option is mini split air conditioner. This has an outdoor unit which sits outside the garage. The interior unit or the air handler is mounted on one of the internal wall. A mini-split system is also a special kind of packaged HVAC system. It means it can both cool and heat the room according to the needs of the season, which means you can get an air conditioning system that can handle your heating needs in the cold months as well. They also have high aesthetic appeal.

Window air conditioner

Having your garage fitted with a window air conditioner is another option. The main advantage of a window air conditioner is that these are cost-effective to buy and are easy to install. However, they are not very energy efficient and are found to increase energy bills during the hot summer months. The also block the natural light from your beautiful new space. Moreover garages do not have too many openings for the natural light to reach in. In case there are no windows, an opening has to be made in the wall. This will make your garage vulnerable to thieves and buglers. Window A/cs are also noisy.

Portable Air Conditioners

If you will be using your garage occasionally and not often, then portable ACs could be good option. These units require no installation atall. Only you have to make a hole in the wall or to allow the exhaust air to pass into the surrounding. If the garage has a window you can slide the kit available with the machine in it. The kit will connect to the hose running from the machine and allow the air to go out of the house through the window. But these air conditioners are not recommended for temperatures above 90 degrees F.

Before buying a cooling unit for your garage always know the dimensions of your room.Select the unit according to it. You can fit ceiling fans to ensure proper circulation in the space. The garage should have proper ventilation for healthy comfort within it.




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