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Air conditioning unit has really been a boon to our human civilization.Just think of the scorching summer months when you get laden with sweat due to humid weather and the temperature soars up to render an oven–like condition. Read on a resident’s experience about Arizona summer:

“I relocated into Phoenix in the middle of summer. That was years back. The thermometer reading on the dashboard of my car was 118. Yikes!It was quite a new experience for me. Summers in Phoenix become quite toasty and it lasts for good solid 4months (mid-June to early November). Most of this time you are bundled indoors to feel comfortable under your HVAC. Even at wee hours of the dawn the temperature will stay at low 90's. “

The air conditioner machines are designed to alter your miserable living conditions due to inclement weather to favorable ones. Air conditioning has become quite common in US with almost 88% of families living in air conditioned houses after 2011. As ACs have high demand in the US market, AC manufacturers have also mushroomed to cope up with the rising demand. It is really difficult to choose the best ones among these. Here we have listed the top AC manufacturers according to the quality, customer service, cost, energy efficiency,carbon footprint, and consumer feedback.


Lenox is US-based Company headquartered in Texas. It manufactures cooling and heating products that are known worldwide for their durability, efficiency, and quality. Among these the Dave Lennox Signature Collection has earned the top spot. In this product line Dave Lennox Signature XC25 has been rated the highest by both customers and experts.According to Web, the unit remained at the top position for long as nothing came to push it out of its position. The efficiency rating of this unit is 26 SEER. It can cut down energy consumption by 60%.It has been designated as one of the most efficient Energy Star qualified products in 2015. It is also an Eco-friendly product that is compatible to solar energy.


Trane they say is all about air, be it cool air, hot air or clean air. They are almost the leaders in air conditioner systems who design solutions to cool homes and commercial spaces. Some of the renowned commercial buildings otherworldly are equipped with Trane cooling solutions. They have a proven expertise in making their devices energy efficient and Eco-friendly. They have a broad range of HVAC systems, dehumidifying and air cleaning products. They are also known for their fast and quality servicing, advanced building controls and financing solutions. Trane HVACs have become an epitome of reliability, quality, and product innovation.


This company does need much mentioning. It can be called the doyen of AC manufacturers. The company was started by Bill Carrier in 1920. Presently it is spread over 6 continents and 172 countries.

The Carrier Infinity 21 24ANB1, off late, has attracted the attention of customers. It has great energy efficiency and a SEER rating of 21. The machine comes with 10 years warranty from the manufacturer that speaks volume about its quality and durability. The model is integrated with two-stage compressor which dehumidifies the air aptly. The words of reviewer Grant Morgan pretty much sum it up all "Carrier designed the Infinity Series with protestants to ensure that nothing can get in and destroy it."


This is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing air conditioner units since 1924. Being almost a little less than a century in this industry, it has made its mark as a potential contestant in the race for best AC Company. The quality of machines that it produces is of top quality. This has been confirmed both by users and experts. Their products are being marketed and bought around the world.

Off late, the company has brought a new line of product called the inverted ACs. These units consume much less power than the normal ones. Customers have highly rated the product for its cooling efficiency. However, Inverted ACs have been rated down in terms of their look and get up. Daik in ACs are a bit pricey compared to other brands.


This is also a Japanese manufacturing brand of cooling units. The split AC of Hitachi is one of the most selling split air conditioners among upmarket customers. Their cooling efficiency has been described many customer as “having no match”they offer features like Super Cool which gives instant cooling. The units start at high RPM to reach the desires temperature at a superb speed. The Direct Efficient Technology is engineered to adjust the compressor speed and refrigerant flow to maintain the desired temperature. The outer bodies are durable and have great finish. The Machiavellian copper tubing for better heat exchange. Hitachi’s twin rotary compressor is designed to save on power bills. The compressor has a “Permanent Magnet Motor” to magnetize it without electricity. This saves almost 10% of electricity. The Tropical Inverted Compressor in the ACs can withstand high temperature. The Hitachi spit ACs are also integrated with inbuilt Power Active Module inverted system. This eliminates electrical distortion to curtail power losses. Hitachi also launched air conditioners with self-cleaning technology. It is also trying to build ACs with minimal carbon footprint.


This is also a noted brand among AC companies. Headquartered in Michigan, US, it is trying to make it presence felt in the industry once more by launching avant-garde technologies like turbo cool and MPFI. Turbo cool automatically makes the AC work at its highest performance levels .The MPFI technology provides a circuit design for a faster and better heat exchange. The machines are integrated with Japanese compressor that uses all copper internals to provide fast and efficient heat exchange.


This Japanese company is also a leading manufacturer of electrical appliances in Japan. Its names as an AC manufacturer has outshone in the last five years. It too provided some of the advanced features in air conditioning technologies like Econavi and nanoe-g. Econavi Intelligent Sensors detect and eliminates unconscious waste of energy. It uses the Human Activity Sensor and Sunlight Sensor to sense the presence of humans and intensity of the sunlight in the room. It then automatically adjusts cooling level on the basis of these.


It is a South Korean company that has come up with an array of technologies off late, such as jet cooling system, plasma filtration, and inverted technology. The products of this company are also designed to reduce the release of greenhouse gases. LG has commendably reduced the use of PVC for production of air conditioners. LG has reached the peak of its popularity in recent years and is earning huge market revenues every day. It is among the top choices of customers when it comes to buying an AC.


Samsung is also a South Korean company that manufacturers an array of household appliances. It is one of the most trusted in the consumer products. The company has worked hard and produced a range of reliable products to gain this credibility. It has given the industry a lot of latest technologies in cooling and heating like humidification, star rating, and turbo cleaning.

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