How To Cool The Home With Minimum Air Conditioning Cost?

When the summer months arrive it becomes difficult to cool the home without spending much of the money. An average house spends more than 50% of their energy bill on their heating and cooling devices.

Proper maintenance and timely repair of the air conditioner helps it to run at its full efficiency and to minimize the cost.

You can follow some simple steps to cool down your air conditioning costs

1. Using programmable thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat helps to save energy. Programmer high temperatures when you are not at home and different temperatures when you are sleeping and when you are awake.

Using a programmable thermostat to programmer the settings properly could help you save up to 150$ a year.

2. Changing air filters

Dirty air filters minimize the air flow inside the system which makes the air conditioner work harder to cool the house. Dirty air filters reduce the efficiency of your system and consume more energy.

Changing the air filters every month or every three helps to maintain proper air flow and reduced energy consumption.

3. Set temperature to 780F

Set the temperature of your thermostat at 780F when you are at home and increase the temperature this small change will help you to reduce 5% of energy consumption on your air conditioner.

4. Using fans

Fans use to circulate the cool air generated by air conditioner around the entire room. Fans also reduce the need for air conditioners they keep you comfortable at minimum cost.

5. Proper insulation

Make sure that your house is properly sealed check the doors, windows and the circuit board for air leaks, fixing these leaks will not allow the cool air to move outside the house and your system will be able to cool the house at minimum energy.

6. Regular maintenance

Get your air conditioner serviced by the qualified HVAC technician before the start of every summer season. Regular servicing helps to increase the efficiency of your system and reduces the repairing cost of your system.

7. Replacing

Replacing your old air conditioner with the new energy star system will help you to save money as new air conditioner are highly energy efficient and require less electricity to cool the room.

Energy efficient air conditioners will help to reduce the energy cost, but you must not forget to the importance of yearly service of your system.



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