How To Boost Efficiency Of The Air Conditioner?

A typical summer without air conditioners in most parts of America is a panicky situation. Beads of sweat would collect and roll all over the body. You head would feel as if suspended in warm liquid. Your eyelids would feel droopy and you will feel completely out of sprit as the heat scorches your skin. You will yearn for an AC ever second of your existence. With temperatures regularly climbing past 90, we expect to be made thermally comfortable everywhere we go, including in the cars or subways we take to get there. Although these mechanical gadgets have made our life comfortable, they also eat god deal of your income. The energy cost of running an air condition is quite high. Although it is not possible to eliminate this cost, there are certain ways to stop it from climbing too high. Here are a few ways to do so-

• You should change the filter of your air conditioner at regular intervals. Blocked filter means a restricted air flow. As result you will not get ample air in your room. This is not good for the health of you’re a/c. It can affect the evaporators as well as the compressor. Moreover the unit will work harder and longer to cool which will bring fat utility bills.

• Leaky ducts are can lead to loss of 20% of the cool air that comes from your HVAC. Always ensure that your ducts are properly sealed. IF there are signs of leakage place a call with a professional to get them sealed and insulated as soon as possible.

• Never close the vents of certain rooms as they are not being occupied, Closing vents restrict air flow and affect the smooth functioning of the A/c.

• Always have a maintenance contract for your HVAC. A servicing technician will visit your house twice a year to tune up the AC. He will resolve small problems, if there are in unit. This will keep it at the peak of efficiency and prevent small problems from growing big. This will also expand its lifespan.

• The outdoor unit of an air conditioner has the compressor and condenser coil. It also has the fan that propels the hot air that is given out during the condensation process to the surrounding. Therefore it is crucial to maintain it well. Keep it in a cool and shady place. Air in a shaded space is cooler; therefore the cooler will take lesser time to cool it further. Remove any objects or vegetation that is smothering the unit. This will restrict the flow of air to the unit.

• Never place a hot object like lamps, TV sets near the thermostat. The thermostat in that case would sample the heat coming out of the device and send a signal to the air conditioner to cool accordingly. Also ensure that he thermostat is not guarded by any object. This will prevent it from sensing the room temperature aptly.

• Most of us do not stay in the house for most part of the day. We do not need to keep the air conditioner on in such times. But we often forget to tweak thermostat before we go for work. In such a case it is worthwhile to buy a programmable thermostat that will turn off at set time and also turn on at a set time.

• Ig you air conditioner is too old then it is better to get it replaced. The efficiency of a unit deceases with time. It will consume more energy to run efficiently. Efficient models will be pricey but you will get certain federal tax credits to buy them. Moreover, they will offset the upfront cost by saving on energy bills. Buy a cooling unit according to dimensions of the room. Oversized and undersized units will be inefficient.

• Do not do much landscaping with rocks, asphalts and cement in the southern or western sides of the house. In case those areas are not shaded it wil increase temperature around the house.

• Always have room you rooms fitted the ceiling fans. It should run counter-clockwise in the summer. That will push the cool air down. You can run a ceiling fan half the day for about $1.50 a month, compared to $25 for an air conditioner. Use window tints to keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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