How To Increase Humidity In Your House During Winter?

During the time of winter air inside the house gets dry and cold. Moisture level inside the home gets lower. Low humidity levels can make your skin dry and difficult to breath.

There are few easy ways to increase the humidity levels in the home. Increasing the humidity levels will make you feel warmer and if it is warm inside your heating system will not have to work harder to remove the heat.

For the proper comfort inside the house humidity level should be between 35% and 50%.

Ways to humidify your home

1. Use a humidifier

Buying the humidifier for the home is the best way to increase the humidity inside the house.
Humidifiers come in different size you can use the humidifier for the entire home or to increase the humidity of only one room.

2. Vaporizer

Vaporizers use a heating substance to boil the cold water and to produce steam. The steam moves out of the humidifier to and increases the humidity of the surroundings. Vaporizer is less energy efficient than a humidifier.

3. Boil water on stove

Boiling water on the stove also helps to increase the humidity of the home, as the water starts evaporating humidity level increases. Leave the boiling vessels uncovered to allow the steam to circulate throughout the kitchen.

4. Turn down the thermostat temperature

When it’s cold inside the house put a sweater instead of increasing the temperature in your thermostat. More the artificial air you use dryer the air will become.

These are the few easy ways to increase the humidity level of your home.

Benefits of correct humidity

• Ideal humidity is necessary for good health.
• Using a humidifier to increase the humidity helps to save the money.
• Prevents your skin from drying.
• Reduces the chances of static electricity and shocks.




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