How To Protect Your Ac Unit During The Storm?

Strong wind and excessive rain can cause a lot of damage to your air conditioner. People prepare themselves for storm by storing water, batteries and food for them. But most of the people are unaware about the amount of damage a storm can cause to your AC unit.

Your HVAC system is most likely to be damaged by storm and also it is most costly to be repaired or to be replaced. To beat the storm with minimum damage to your house and minimum repairing cost it is necessary to do the maintenance of your air conditioner prior to the storm.

Preparing your air conditioner prior to storm

There are many electrical components present in your HAVC that can be damaged by the power surge. Install the surge protection for your HVAC unit it will turn off the equipment automatically if there will be spike in the voltage.

Keep the plants, shrubs or any of the objects at least 20 feet away from your air conditioner. Cover the outdoor unit of your system with a cover. This will protect your outdoor condenser from the debris. Make sure you turn off your system before you cover it.

Cool down your home as much as you want before the storm arrives and then turn off your unit at the time storm to prevent surge fires. Tie down your condenser as a damaged condenser may result in replacement of entire system.

Cut the trees, leaves and remove the components present in the storm.

Taking these steps will minimize the damage to your air conditioning unit during the storm.

After storm

Wait for the storm to pass. Once you are sure that there is no danger left move outside near your condenser.

Remove the dirt and debris present on the condenser. If you see any damage to the system or your unit is in water call the professionals for the service.

If you do not see any damage from the outside, turn your air conditioner. It is necessary to turn on your unit as soon as possible it will not allow the mould to grow inside your system.

If air conditioner is not running properly or you suspect any damage, call a HVAC professional for the inspection of your unit.




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