How To Reduce Hvac Running Cost Of Air Conditioner?

In summer seasons central conditioning system contributes to the 40%-50% of total electric bills. It is not necessary to buy a new high efficiency air conditioner. Air conditioner can be made more efficient by following some simple steps.

1. Using programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat sets different temperatures at different parts of the day. You can programme different settings. You can increase the temperature o f your house when you are not at home or at night time when you are asleep.

2. Cleaning the air filters

Cleaning the air filters maintains proper air flow inside the unit. A dirty air filters makes the air conditioner work harder and reduces the cooling capacity of your air conditioner. Changing air flow reduces the cost of air conditioners.

3. Close the curtains

At the time of afternoon in the cold winter months keep the curtains of your windows closed. This will make the room naturally cooler and the air conditioner will not have to work hard to remove the heat which will reduce the working cost of your AC.

4. Regular maintenance

Keep your air conditioner clean and call a HVAC contractor to come and inspect your system once in a year. Professional will find and correct all the problems in your system. results in increasing efficiency of your air conditioner and reducing working cost.

5. Shut off electric appliances

Turn off all the electric appliances when not required. Electric appliances release heat energy in the room especially PCs and TVs. turning them off when not required will prevent the excess of heat from generating in the house.

6. Plant trees

Plant the trees outside the house to prevent sun rays from entering your house directly which will keep the home cooler and reduce the load on air conditioner.

7. Clean the duct work

Clean the duct work off your central air conditioner once in few years it increases the efficiency.



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