How To Winterize Your Home?

Before the winter seasons starts it is necessary to take some steps to winterize your home. Winterizing increases the energy efficiency of your system and keeps your house warm and comfortable during cold winter days.

Here are the following ways to winterize your home

1. Changing the furnace filters

It is easies and the most efficient way to avoid the problems in your furnace and to keep your home warm. During the winter days it is necessary to change the filters of your furnace once in every month. Changing filters increase the efficiency of your furnace.

2. Installing humidifiers

If the humidity levels of your home drops down during the winter months. Call the expert to install furnace humidifiers. Humidifiers not only keep your home warm but also it is necessary to maintain the 35% to 50% of humidity to protect yourself from various diseases.

3. Cleaning and servicing your unit

Call a HVAC professional before the start of winter season for the annual furnace inspection. Keeping the furnace clean and lubricated is necessary to make sure that it runs at its maximum efficiency. A clean furnace will reduce the energy consumption by 5%-15%.

4. Proper insulation

A simple way to keep you warm during the winter season is proper insulation of the house. A properly insulated house will reduce the heating cost by 20%-50%.

5. Inspecting the air ducts

Nearly 20%-30% of hot air from the furnace escapes from the ducts because of the leaks inside the ducts. Call the professional for cleaning and inspecting your air ducts. Cleaned and properly cleaned ducts increase the efficiency of your furnace.

6. Installing carbon monoxide detectors

Furnaces burn fuel to generate heat energy, this combustion produces carbon monoxide (CO) gas. CO is a colourless and odourless gas. If the pipes of your furnace are not insulated properly than it might result in gas leak. To make you aware of this danger install CO detectors in your house.

7. Wearing sweaters

One of the best ways to reduce the energy bills and to keep you warm is to wear sweaters. When you put the sweater temperature of your body rises nearly up to 40C.

8. Installing storm doors and windows

Install storm doors and windows on the outside of the original doors and windows. Installing these doors and windows will increase the energy efficiency of your house by 40%-50%.

9. Upgrade to high efficiency furnace

Buying a new high energy efficiency furnace with efficiency of 97% will help you to reduce the energy cost by nearly 50%.

These tips will keep you comfortable during the winter months and by reducing your energy bills it also help you to save money.



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