Humidity And Mould Build

Nobody will ever like to see the mould build-up inside the house as it can be fatal for the health of the person and also causes the damage to the house. Mould also releases foul smell which reduces the comfort level of the people.

For the build up in the house few conditions are required like availability of food, water, oxygen and the moisture which is the key requirement for the mould build-up.

Mould is a type of fungus which normally grows on the food and the building walls. Mould can result in the poor indoor air quality. When the mould builds-up on the food or walls of the house it gives up foul musty odour.

Build-up of mould

Mould builds up due to water leaks from pipes, floods or high amount of humidity inside the house. Mould more commonly builds up in the areas with high amount of humidity.

When the humidity is high or it has been raining since few days you will find the mould build up on the walls of the houses and the food.

Mould also builds up due to poor ventilation of the house. The moisture inside the house evaporates and result in the humidity build if your home is not properly ventilated then the humidity will stay inside the house for the longer time period resulting in mould build-up.

When the humidity levels rises above 50% it can result in the mould build-up inside the house.

Common causes for mould build-up are:

• Leaking pipes
• Leakage in roofs
• Improper ventilation
• High humidity
• Lack of maintenance of HVAC system
• Dirty ducts

Health effects due to humidity and mould build-up

High humidity and mould build-up inside the house can result in

• Eyes, nose and throat irritation.
• Cough, cold.
• Increase the chance of asthmatic attacks.
• Various types of allergies.

Preventive steps

You can prevent these problems by making sure your HVAC system works properly which will keep your house away from humidity.

• Installing the high efficiency air filters and cleaning or changing them every month.
• Clean the indoor coil and the drain pan.
• Find out the air leaks in the house and get them sealed.
• Checkout the duct work of your HVAC system if there is any leaks use duct tape to properly seal the leaks.



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