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Before discussing about the various HVAC supplies we need to understand what exactly HVAC means. The term, “HVAC” stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The main objective of an HVAC system is to make the internal temperature of a building comfortable. During the summer days the temperature within becomes comparatively lower while during the winters the system pushes in hot air into the room. For an HVAC system to function properly it is necessary that all the parts of the system works properly. Only when all the parts work properly, the system will have higher energy efficiency.

Good quality HVAC supplies are of high importance to HVAC contractors. With the right kind of accessories they can carry on with a successful business. Hence, it is always a better idea to get in touch with suppliers who offer good quality HVAC supplies from reputed manufacturers. At the same time, unless HVAC contractors have a very good idea about the quality of the parts and supplies, they will not be able to distinguish between supplies which are good and the ones which are not so good.

Some of the most integral parts of an HVAC system are the following:

The furnace is quite a large unit and it requires a designated space within the building. However, the furnace can be installed in the attic, basement or in a closet. The function of the furnace is to push the hot or the cold air outside through the ducts that passes through every room. Within the ducts there are vents that brings in hot or cold air within the room thus making the temperature within comfortable.

The heat exchanger is placed within the furnace and it starts functioning when the thermostat gets activated by the furnace. The function of the heat exchanger is to warm the cool air that passes through it and then disperse the warm air into the building for making it more comfortable during the biting winters.

Evaporator coils are also housed within the furnace but their function is opposite to that of the heat exchanger. They start working when cool air is required within the building. The evaporator coils are attached to the condensing unit of the HVAC system which is placed typically outside the building.

The condensing unit and the refrigerant lines are parts of an HVAC system that essentially helps in the cooling of the room temperature. The refrigerant lines are so designed such that they can withstand even extreme temperature conditions.

The thermostat an integral part of the HVAC system controls the functioning of the furnace. The thermostat is directly connected to the furnace and also includes temperature sensing technology. Even the users can manually set the temperature of the thermostat.

The other important parts of the HVAC system are the ducts and the vents. Without these it is not possible for the warm or the cold air to circulate within the room.

Thus, it is clear that there are several important parts of an HVAC system and all the supplies have to be in the best of condition for optimum functionality.

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