Making Your Energy More Efficient

Using your air conditioner in a proper manner can help you save energy and cool your room properly. It is necessary to use right combinations and proper technology can provide you proper comfort and increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.

1. changing your filters

A clogged filter will restrict the flow of air inside the unit. It makes the air conditioner work harder to cool the room properly. Changing your air filters regularly can help you save large amount of energy and reduce the pressure on the unit.

2. Regular inspection

Call a contractor to come and check your unit annually as annual maintenance can make you aware of the problem. They can ensure you that all the parts of the unit are working properly.

3. Timely repair

To work properly air conditioner needs to be repaired from time to time. It is necessary to ensure that repairing work is carried out by trained and qualified HVAC service technician. Repairing your air conditioner can improve energy efficiency if it is been repaired properly.

4. Cleaning outdoor unit

Outdoor unit works efficiently after being cleaned. The outdoor might get covered by dirt or leaves from the outside. Cleaning these leaves and dust will result in proper air flow and your air conditioner will work properly.

5. Keeping room naturally cool

During day time when it is hot outside keep the curtains of your window closed to prevent the heat from entering inside the house this will keep the room naturally cool and help the air conditioner.

6. Sealing your ducts

From time to time your ducts do develop holes or cracks inside them this will reduce the air flow inside the house. These holes or cracks can be sealed with the help of duct sealing tape and maintain proper air flow inside the system.

7. Increase your temperature

Increasing your temperature by 5-8 degrees when your sleep or away from home can help you save large amount of energy. Using a programmable a thermostat can help you to set different temperature at different times of the day which reduces the energy consumption of your unit.

8. Proper size of air conditioners

While buying a new conditioner makes sure you buy the air conditioner of proper size and air balanced. Make sure that leavers of your room are fully adjustable to spread cool air throughout the room.

Following the above tips can help you to reduce the energy consumption of your unit by 15-20%.



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