Outdoor Air Conditioners

Outdoor air conditioners are used to provide relief to the people even outside the house. These air conditioners are used during summer seasons at the time hosting events, or marriages to cool the atmosphere and provide comfort to the people.

Outdoor air conditioners are helpful to make the hot summer days bit more comfortable they are mostly used during

• Hosting different race events
• Marriages during day time
• They also provide cooling in golf course
• Cooling the tents
• Workshops
• Athletic facilities
• Used in agriculture regions

The power and the size of the air conditioner depend on the outside temperature and the amount of cooling you require. Outdoor air conditioners cannot control the weather but they can control the temperature of the tents.

Using an outdoor air conditioner for holding different events not only provides comfort to the people but also enhances the quality of your food and the floral beauty of your events.

Equipment for broadcasting the sports events cannot work in such hot outside temperature for them outside air conditioner is necessary as it reduces the humidity present in the air and makes the air conditioner work properly.

Outdoor air conditioning is the only method used to cool the air and reduce the humidity making the conditions ideal for equipment to work and for the people to relax and enjoy the events.


Fan draws the hot air present in the outside this air is drawn with the help of thick moist cooling areas. As water evaporates through the passing air it displaces the heat in the air, and the outcome is a cool air with less humidity.


1. Bringing Cool atmosphere to the areas where it looked impossible.
2. Provides comfortable environment even in the hottest season.
3. You and your guests will be relaxed and will be able to enjoy the event truly.
4. Air conditioners are best protectors against the heat related diseases.
5. Lowers the temperature up to 330F




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