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A programmable thermostat is used to set the different temperature inside your room at different time period. A programmable thermostat is highly useful in reducing the energy bills on your heating and cooling devices. A programmable thermostat can easily save 10% energy on heating and cooling every year.

With the help of a programmable thermostat you can set 6 or more different programs of temperature every day. It will help you set different temperature for winter and summer and while you are sleeping or awake.

Programmable thermostat automatically reduces the heating or cooling of the home when you are outside which reduces the pressure on your system and helps you in saving energy. Turning a programmable room thermostat to a lower setting will result in the room being controlled at a lower temperature, and saves energy.

Working of programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat has a pre programmed settings which allow you to set different temperature for different time to the day. A programmable thermostat normally provides your four different programming options.

• wake time
• Sleep time
• Leave time
• Return time

Using the above provided programs you can reduce your energy consumption by almost 15%. Set the lowest settings you are comfortable with and let the thermostat do its work.

You can save different temperature for different parts of the year such as winter months and summer months.

A thermostat provides you with two different features permanent and temporary. It is more efficient to use temporary feature as it helps you to programme the thermostat every day. A permanent feature is useful when you are planning to go out of the home for few days.

A thermostat provides you an over-ride facility to change the temperature for short time without affecting the programmed settings. If you use this feature more often it will create a negative impact by giving increasing your energy bills.

Tips to programme a thermostat to reduce the energy consumption

• Turn the unit off 30 minutes before you leave the house.

• Turn the unit on 30 minutes before you reach the home.

• Set the higher temperature at night time while you a sleeping.

• And to reduce the temperature before you wake up.


• Programmable thermostat offers different settings for different time period.
• Reducing energy or utility bills on heating or cooling devices.
• They do not allow heating and cooling devices to consume more fuel.
• A programmable thermostat is easy to operate and provides accurate temperature control.
• Saves your HVAC unit form wear and tear by properly cycling the equipment.
• It increases the comfort level of the people.


• Programmable thermostat is more expensive than other type of thermostat.
• It is necessary to use thermostat correctly to ensure energy savings.
• If you have a flexible schedule, or have to adjust to multiple family members’ schedules, reprogramming the thermostat can sometimes be tedious and annoying.
• Programmable thermostats are not compatible to all heating or cooling systems.



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