Protecting Your Air Conditioner During Winters

As the winter starts coming nearer you may start to think about protecting your unit from cold winter days. It is necessary to take preventive steps to protect your unit form cold temperature, snow and ice.

Here are certain things to protect your unit during cold winter months.

1. Servicing your system

It is the ideal time to do the servicing of your air conditioning system. Instead of doing the service when the temperature is completely down it will be preferable to do it in mild temperature so that you can do the inspection of your unit if required.

2. Turn of the power

Since air conditioner is not of any use in winter there is no point in keeping the power source of the air conditioner on. It will prevent the small amount of energy and it is safer to turn of the unit before covering it.

3. Cleaning your outdoor compressor unit

As the temperature starts coming down you will start using your air conditioner lesser and lesser. It would be perfect time to clean your unit remove the dirt, dust and leaves that would have fallen on the unit.

Wash the outdoor unit of the system remove the leaves and branches and provide ample of time to the unit to dry out completely.

4. Installing foam pipe covers

Install foam pipes covers around the exterior exposed pipes. The foam covers will work as the insulation for the pipes and protect them in freezing temperature.

5. Cover the HVAC unit

Cover the HVAC unit with the plastic air tight cover. Make sure that cover you use is water proof. Some of the companies provide special covers but any of the plastic cover which fits can be used.

Inspect your AC unit at least once in every ten days. Remove the ice, water or leaves from the unit and clean it properly. Following these tips will keep your system protected during the cold winter months.




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