Top Reasons That Cause An Ac To Malfunction

Air conditioners are quite prone to malfunction. Sometimes you will feel that cooling level has gone down.At other time you will hear bizarre smell or sound coming out from the system. Here are top reasons that can cause your air conditioner to malfunction -

Defective wiring

Sometimes wring of an air conditioner is done in haste. This make the machine subject to short-circuits. This if not checked on time can cause fire hazards. Sometimes the faulty wiring can stop power supply to the A/c or trip the circuit breaker. This happens to prevent an accident or irreparable damage.

Low Freon

The refrigerant is the lifeblood of an air conditioner. Sometimes the refrigerant level of the air conditioner can glow due to leakage in the system. If your air conditioning system needs to be recharged with refrigerant, then it is a case of leakage in coil. All refrigerant leaks should be located and repaired.

Non-working fan in the condenser

Sometimes the fan in the condenser unit does not function. This fan is responsible in propelling the heat that that is given out during the condensing process to the surrounding. It can also affect the compressor. Sometimes the compressor gets overheated and trips the safety and overload. Otherwise, internal damage can be caused to the compressor.

The outdoor unit does not work

This can be caused by lack of power supply to the unit.Sometimes a faulty thermostat can cause it. Always check the temperature setting of the thermostat. It should be a few degrees lower than the room temperature. Also check for tripped breaker. Restore power to start it.Sometimes non-functional condenser unit can result due to faulty or burnt compressor.

Frozen indoor coils

This is generally caused by filthy air filters. The room air when sucked in through the ducts is passed through the filter and then sent to the evaporator to get cooled. If the filters are clogged, enough air will not pass through it. A marginal quantity of air would be cooled by the refrigerant. The refrigerant will not be able to absorb enough heat from the room air to get vaporized. This will cause freezing of the coils. Moreover some of the refrigerant would stay in liquid form and go into the compressor. This can damage the compressor as well.

Problems in venting out the condensate

A jammed condensate drain will not allow the water to vent out. The water will accumulate and reach a danger level. At this point the air conditioner will get automatically shut to prevent further hazards. So always check if the condensate drain is clean and there is no algae build up. Sometimes the air conditioner does not cool well because of the dirty condenser and evaporator coil. Clean those gently to bring the machine back to its bearing.



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