How To Select The Maintenance Plan For Your Air Conditioner?

All mechanical household appliances are subject to defects and malfunctions now and then. And it disgusts you when they stop functioning at a time when you need them the most. For instance, just think of a situation when you air conditioner stops cooling in the summer as the temperature surges sky-high. Thus it is a good idea to have a maintenance service plan for your device. A maintenance plan ensures that a technician will always be close by to come to your assistance. In peak months, the HVAC contractors are piled with service calls. It takes days before they address your problem. Under a maintenance plan you will be entitled for a priority emergency service. Besides this it ensures that your heating and cooling system is running as it should be, giving you the comfort you’ve come to expect.

When you contact a service provider to subscribe for a maintenance plan for your A/c he will come up with an array of schemes. It is not easy to know and thereby select the one that is best for you. Here are some plans that are offered by most providers. Let’s take a look at them and find out which one is best for you.

HVAC maintenance by certified professionals

This is very a simple plan. This will include everything to ensure that you’re A/c is running at the best of its health. The technician would come and inspect the present operating condition of the A/c. They will clean and service and make necessary adjustments. They will provide a report on system’s safety and efficiency. They will also furnish a report on the quality of indoor air.

This is a great plan if your air conditioner was not maintained for a year or more. In case you want to understand the condition and efficiency of the air conditioner, you can go for it. If someone in house has suddenly contracted allergies or respiratory troubles, subscribing to this plan will tell you about the quality of your indoor air.

Ongoing prescheduled service

In this plan the technician is supposed to visit your house for tune-up at least twice a year. This will entitle you for convenient, pre-planned tune-up appointments. In case of a breakdown anytime of the year, you can expect the speediest repair service. The technician will come and address your problem on the same day you gave a service call, no matter how busy they are. You will also get some discount on heating and air conditioning repair services

Premium service plan

This is also named as platinum plan by many service providers. This plan has all the benefits of its subordinate ones. Beside those, you will also be entitled for free parts and repair services. This is perfect plan for homeowners who want amazing, ongoing system coverage for one low monthly payment. If you want to upgrade your system, this scheme has lucrative allowances for it.

HVAC tune ups should be ideally done twice a year. Once in spring and the other in autumn. Always ensure that your contractor provides you good warranties for their services. A maintenance plan has following benefits:

• It extends the lifespan of you unit. It will keep it safe, preventing risks of fire and other hazards.
• Your system will run at its peak efficiency. Therefore it will impact the environment less.
• It will resolve small snags and therefore prevent breakdowns and costly repairs.

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